Christmas is coming up soon, and a certain someone is waiting patiently for that sweet new ride to appear under the tree. Come check out Bunnyhop for a full range of BMX supplies for your holiday season. We are Central Virginia’s largest BMX shop. We price match all local competitors and strive to match online discounters like

Bunnyhop offers 60 day same as cash layaway on all new bike purchases, and we can hold your bike at the store until Christmas Eve. Why bother with a complicated assembly and the hassle of shipping and returns? Our professional staff with years of riding experience will get you straight. Your bike will be assembled correctly and given a safety check to ensure the durability of your purchase.  Short on cash? We accept trade in’s as credit towards the purchase of any new bicycle.

2013 Fit Bikes Tom Dugan 1

Flybikes Electron 19.6″

We have a full selection of complete BMX bikes, upgrade parts, pedals, grips, apparel, videos, and small parts for your little shredder.  Complete bikes from Fit, Flybikes, Stolen, Sunday, Verde, Cult and many more. Parts from Profile Racing, S&M, Odyssey, WeThePeople, Eclat, Animal, and lots more! Can’t decide what to get? How about a gift certificate?

Spring Mix


Hey Y’all, it’s been a bit since we’ve updated the blog. We’ve been too busy fixing bicycles and causing trouble.

New and Noteworthy:

  • We are now a FIT/S&M/United BMX Dealer! Come check out some sweet new stuff.
  • We are also stocking Fuji / SE Bikes / Breezer
  • Discounts on all remaining 2010 bikes! We still have a few Stolen Brand BMX’s and some Fuji MTB’s.
  • New Shirts and Stickers by Jim Callahan of Barf Comics. Shirts are $15, Stickers Free!

Sweet action.


Neil’s shredding on ESPN and TheComeUp ! Pretty awesome.

If you’re in town next month make sure to check out the handmade show.

Local builders Cycles Ed and Tektonics are showing their work as well as masters of the trade from around the world. It’s exciting that Richmond can provide a venue for such an amazing show.

Good Luck to TJ Perry who’s headed out to compete at the 2010 Fight With Flight in Indianapolis. Bring it!

At the shop we have restocked Voice, Tree, and Shadow Sprockets. New Grips from Terrible One, ESI Silicone, and Duo.  JC/PC pedals (No Bearings!) are in stock as well, but are selling fast. We also have a few deals on 2009 completes left ; a KHE Barbados LT, Stolen Pinch, and a Stolen Wrap.

Stay warm and keep the rubber side down!



While we weren’t paying attention the holidays snuck up on us. We’re always excited to provide quality gear to our customers, but it gets a little bit tricky when you’re trying to buy radical stuff for the riders on your list. Never fear, we’re here to help. We’ll be open 11 – 7 until the night of Dec 24th. Here are a couple gift ideas that we really like.


Knog Beetle Light Sets ($32.50) Keep it safe out there! The Beetle set includes front and rear lights that attach to almost any part of the bicycle with no tools involved. These stylish sets come in black and white, and individual lights come in a multitude of colors for $17.99.

Innertubes ($5.00) This is a must! An extra tube is always appreciated in times of need. Pair a few with the Pedro’s Tire Lever set to make things easy for your grease monkey.

Socks ($9.99) Really? Really. There’s a difference between crusty 20 packs of ill fitting tube socks from Big Lots and the super sweet wool and Cool Max socks that we stock.

Multi Tools (9.99 +) Check out the Crank Brothers Multi-10 and Multi – 17! Great to stow in your pocket or bag for those quick fixes. These tools are lifetime guaranteed and are made from Stainless Steel.

Grips/Bar Tape (most 11.99) We have a ton of colors and models for all types of bicycles. Soma, Odyssey, Oury, Demolition, Animal, Velox, SRAM locking grips, All City, Solid, etc.


Shadow Conspiracy Half link Chain (32.99) – This is our favorite BMX chain. Comes in many colors, outlasts just about anything else, and allows the rider to dial in the rear wheel as short as possible.

DVD’s! (14.99 +)- We still have a few copies of Fit Bike “Stay Fit”, Shadow Conspiracy “Into the Void”, and Mutiny “Let’s Get Mystical”

T Shirts (9.99+) Awesome Shirts from Shadow, Kink, Mutiny, Voice, Tree, Animal, and many more.

Pegs (9.99 +) Pegs from Animal, G Sport, Odyssey, Kink, KHE, and a few more.

Road and MTB

Genuine Innovations CO2 Kit – (24.99) Lightweight flat protection in a stylish package.

Tires! – (9.99 +) We keep just about every tire size you can think of in stock. 29er tires from WTB, Continental Gatorskins in 27, 700, and 26, Panaracer Fire XC’s in 2.1, and plenty of fixed gear tires from Soma, Fyxation, CST, and Vittoria.

Simple Straps (6.99) – These are pretty cool. A very versatile velcro strap that can hold tubes, tools, or whatever else to your frame, seat, or seatpost. These straps, hand made in Charlottesville are popping up on pro bikes throughout the country.


Gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be mailed next day or even emailed to your loved ones. All gift certificate records are kept on file at the shop and do not need to be present to redeem merchandise. You can purchase your gift certificates over the phone by calling 804-248-5878.

Safety First!


We hope everybody’s summer is going well! Stay safe out there. Here’s a few good tips.

1. If it takes you more than 10 seconds or two tries to get on your bicycle, you’re too drunk. Walk home. It’ll be more fun anyway.


2. Before you ride, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Give your bike a bounce to see if there are any loose parts. Check it over for any wear. Contrary to popular belief, bicycles are not immutable objects. They get old and sick just like everything else.

3. Always use your lights at night! Local statutes call for a front blinking white light and a rear blinking red light. Not only will you be seen, but it’ll save you $100 by avoiding tickets from RPD and VCU police.


4. Ride as if you’re invisible to cars. Be prepared for motorists’ inattention. Cell phone use and text messaging in cars create a 2300% increase in the likelyhood of an accident.

Good Luck! We’ll be closed Best Friends Day, Saturday August 22nd, see you at Hadad’s.


Hope everyone is having a good summer! Lots of new stuff in. Velocity B43’s came in this week. As the sage lyricist Ice Cube once put it they “…roll so deep they’ll put your butt to sleep”. Still have a few in black and white. New Volume Bundchen forks for you fixed gear freestylers, and also the Krull Mx spider to run those Demolition Medial 2.0 165mm BMX cranks on your track frame. Great deals on some of the new Odyssey product – Twombolt cranks and a Gsport Ratchet hub laced to the new Fly rim in coffee. New Helmets from Lazer, Protec, and Pryme. Tons of used bikes for cheap – come test ride something!

Also in case you didn’t realize we have a metric ass ton of pedals in the 20 to 40 dollar range. MKS, Primo Magnesiums, Odyssey Twisted PC’s, Animal Hamiltons, Trail Mix. All grips are 12 bucks: Odyssey, Oury, Fly, All City, Salsa, Stolen, and we still have a few Champ keirin grips at half price.

T-Shirt Blow Out! New Bunnyhop Shirts designed by Barf and all Shadow Conspiracy shirts are on sale for 10 bucks. Thats cheap. Stickers will hopefully be here by July when the Bicycle Film Festival is going down at Gallery 5. Should be a great time – July 10th and 11th.